About Brian Martin Photography


Hello, Florida! I am a New York native who recently relocated to the amazing Suncoast of Florida – and couldn’t be happier about it. I am thrilled at the opportunity to bring the talents and experience that I have honed over the last 10 years in and around New York City, Long Island, and the Northeast to my newly adopted home.


My greatest wish is to not only capture your wedding from a documentary and photo-journalistic point of view, but to also provide you with wedding portraits that will truly stand the test of time. While I understand the need to keep up with the latest trends in photography, my style is definitely rooted in the classics. My blend of current styles with timeless techniques will give you photos that look amazing today, and that your grandchildren will appreciate far into the future.


I would be honored to speak with you to discuss your upcoming wedding. Together, we can determine what best fits your budget and what your photographic needs will be. Also, be sure to ask about the special packages that include my wife, an accomplished makeup artist with experience in television production, working with celebrities, teaching advanced makeup classes, and of course, bridal work! (You can see her work here- www.cmartinfaces.com.)


I look forward to hearing from you!


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